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Looking for the IRA

I’m looking for an Imperial Red Ale or Red India Pale recipe that is high gravity. Something in the neighborhood of the Green Flash Hop Head Red.

Any ideas or does Northern Brewer have a kit?



There’s a post in this same forum called red headed hop child. Might be of some help. Otherwise I know NB has some great kits that you can work off. Just search for reds and you might find some.

I brewed a red a couple months ago, I like hops, so u just added some warrior and Amarillo hops at all stages and it came out good. More of an India red ale.

Gracias HellBound. I’ll check that thread out.

The candy sugar, orange peel, ginger, and Belgian yeast are going to take your IRA to a whole new place. If you want a traditional American Amber done “imperial,” I would lose all those items. Take a popular amber ale recipe, make it 1.07 OG, hop it to 65 - 70 IBUS and see what happens.

Edawg :cheers:

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