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Looking for Suggestions on Modifying an Extract recipe

Hi All,

Fairly new to brewing, just did about my third batch, biggest to date at 5 gallons. The NB kit I just got came with Block Party Amber. I am not a fan of amber ales and was wondering if anyone had ever modified or tweaked the recipe at all. I left it on the shelf and did a Double IPA first as that is more in my wheelhouse for consuming.

However I don’t want the block party to go to waste.



I think it’s important to tell us what you don’t like about them before we can make suggestions.

From the looks of it you prefer hoppy over malty. If that’s the case get some additional cascade and add late addition hops and a dry hop.

If malty doesn’t bother you add some biscuit malt, some chocolate malt, and ferment with an Irish ale yeast for an Irish styled ale.

I have not tasted the Block Party amber ale, but if it is at all like the American Amber Ale it is not an over the top malty beer. The American Amber is more hoppy than malty when using WY 1056.

If your an IPA fan just make it an amber IPA. Don’t know what hops came with the kit but use them to beef up the IPA to 60+ and get some C hops and American ale yeast. Post the recipe and we can help tweak it.

Sorry for the vagueness,

I’m not a fan of a few amber ales but prefer stronger, hoppy ales, and barleywines, and strong stouts, but can also dig a nice Pilsener or Lager. I can get down with a fat tire if I have too.

Recipe includes Maillard Malts grains.
.5 lb caramel
.125 special b
.125 light roasted barley

6 lbs gold malt extract syrup

1 oz. Willamette hops.

And to answer the burning question…I do also prefer a higher abv than I’ve generally seen in amber ales.

Me doing extract brewing. To add more abv do add more malt. As well be adding extra grains as well and doing late adition on the last 15 or 20 min the second lme been doing dry hops as well. I am try to tweak some simple beers . And i have been creating. My own recipy. Try to think out of the box.

I would add one pound table sugar at the end of the boil, and 5 minutes before flame out I would dump in 2 oz.'s centennial. Sneezles61

Did all the steeping grains come in a single bag? (see update below)

O.G: 1.042, partial boil (2.5 g), 20 min/170* steep


  • 0.5 lbs Caramel 80L
  • 0.125 lbs Special B
  • 0.125 lbs Light Roasted Barley


  • 6 lbs Gold malt syrup


  • 1 oz Willamette (60)

DRY YEAST: Muntons Ale Yeast

edit: My initial thought was to see if part of the steeping grains could be reused. However, they may be the least useful part of the kit when modifying the recipe or when starting “from scratch” with the LME.

If one is willing to make a four gallon batch, the 6 lb of LME can be used as the base for an IPA, strong stout, …

Yes did order extra grains. Add one pound more grains.

If you like them bigger and hoppier buy a pound or two DME to add and higher alpha bittering hops like Magnum. Then use the Willamette for finishing.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions…

I have some Magnum, and I also have some dark LME, (3.3lbs) do you think that would work? I also have some corn sugar

The dme and cornsuggar will give you more alc abv.but not more hoppy flav. Look at a hop chart on what you gonna use. Flav wise. .but remember more malt or. Lme. Or corn suggar. Higher og abv .means rethink your Yeast. Pitch rate How much. What kind. Dry or vials of yeast.

I think it has potential.


  • 6 lbs Gold malt syrup
  • 3.3 lbs Dark LME
    with a 2.5 gal boil, may want to do a late addition rather than all at start)


  • 0.5 lbs Caramel 80L
  • 0.125 lbs Special B
  • 0.125 lbs Light Roasted Barley
    assume steep for 20 min or until 170*


  • x oz Magnum (@ 60?) 40 IBUs -55 IBUs?
  • 1 oz Willamette (@ 5? @0? )

DRY YEAST: Muntons Ale Yeast

OG: around 1.067; FG (medium attenuation 71-75%): 1.018-ish.

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Why not use a starter. For this kind of original grav.a nice abv of 6.4% add the dark lme about 20 before end of boil. With the grains do a mini mash.

Good ideas & suggestions.

With my previous post, I wanted to provide an updated (although incomplete) recipe for others to consider.

I’ve never done a starter, going to watch the tutorial now. I will add the dark LME later in the boil.

As for hops When do you suggest I add those on this boil?..I did them at 15, 30 and last at the end of the boil for a batch of DIPA

I’ve got both the magnum and willamette, again I’m new and I do try to search on some of these before asking.

thanks again to all

I like what @hd4mark suggested earlier:

Add enough Magnum at the start of the boil (target 45 - 55 IBUs??). Add the Willamette at the end of the boil (just before “flame out”).

I would start at 60 45. 20. 0 with hops. And lme at the 20 min as well. Maybe some dryhop. Are you using irish moss as well. Close to end of boil

I used whirfloc. High OG 1.074

In primary now for 14 hrs, lots of activity, nice foamy head

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