Looking for suggestions for a Wildflower Braggot

Ive never been much of a mead fan, but I did 5g of Wildflower honey braggot on a club group brew on 10/31 or so. Approximate recipe:

5# 2 row
1# Munich
5# Wildflower Honey
1oz Northern Brewer, 30minute boil
2pks Nottingham

This basically got from 1.11 down to 1.011 (~13%abv), fermented at 68*. It has a good clean character that highlights the honey for sure, but I’m looking to add some depth to the beverage before carbing it. I’m thinking I’m going to cork it and bottle condition, but I’m considering splitting into two different batches prior to bottling, maybe even a third that is kept ‘naked’. Some ideas:

-fruit (not sure about this one…maybe raspberry?)
-bruxelles brett (though its already pretty dry)
-anything else?

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with adding adjuncts these (or similar with a mead)

How did you get an OG of 1.110 with that recipe? Seems like you would need at least twice that weight of honey to even get close.

it might have been 10# 2 row. I also might be off on my honey amounts. We actually brought all of our stuff to an apiary for the brews, and the dude literally just drained off however much honey I needed as well. Might have been 7#.