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Looking for some thoughts on a double IPA

So I’m looking for some thoughts on this here D.I.P.A. Here goes…

20 lbs Marris otter
3 # Crystal 10
2 # corn sugar
the hops is going to be a .5oz German Pearle @ 90/75/60/45/30/15/5 (I have a ton of Pearle that I need to get rid of before it goes bad)

this’ll be a 10 gal. batch, I’m looking for thoughts on yeast and a dry hop.


My favorite IPA yeasts are WLP007, and WLP001/WY1056. I also like Pacman when I can get it. I like a yeast that will dry and clear for my IIPA. Favorite dry hop combo, for now, is Columbus, Citra, and Amarillo. I usually dry hop with an oz of each for 10-14 days @ 68-70 degrees. I do FW and 60 min additions and save the rest for 10min, 5min, and a big dose @ flameout during the whirlpool. I say wing it and see what you like. I’ve also used Falconers Flight as a dry hop and really likked it too.

For a 10-gallon batch, assuming 75% efficiency, you’re looking at an OG of ~1.070 and IBUs around 35 - if you want this to be a DIPA you’re going to need to step it up a bit, especially on the hops. I would add at least another 5lbs of base grain and use a high-alpha hop for the bittering charge, maybe 2 oz of Magnum, then hit it hard with late additions of a mixture of Perle and perhaps Cascade to get IBUs around 100.

WLP007 is a great yeast for a DIPA, or if you want to use dry yeast, US-05 works well, particularly in something with a lot of hops where the yeast character is less important (and you can pitch two packs per fermenter and know it’s going to finish dry).

For dryhopping, I like to reinforce the hops used in the boil and maybe throw in something else for interest and I like to smell some pine, so Chinook or Columbus or Simcoe would be good along with the Cascade and Perle.

+1 to shadetree - more abv, and more IBU’s, otherwise i wouldn’t call it a DIPA

personally, i would back off the crystal a bit also. maybe 2 lbs total. for my double IPA (5gallons) i use .75lb crystal 40

Brewing TV’s latest episode covers brewing IIPAs. It would be worth checking out for some tips. They talk about grain bills, hops and yeast in it.

Sorry, I was wrong about the first hop addy. it’s 2oz of Pearl, not .5oz. The Ibu’s should be around 65. I’ve never mixed hops for the dry hopping, but love the idea!

I had originally thought of an English yeast, 007 looks really good though!

thanks for the help.

[quote=“Gr8abe”]The Ibu’s should be around 65.[/quote]For a DIPA, you want the bitterness to gravity ratio greater than one, so if you’re shooting for a 1.075+ OG, get the IBUs up around 90-100 (or higher, a DIPA is a hops showcase). Or just call it an IPA and leave the recipe as-is.

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