Looking for some advice on using HOPSHOTS

does anyone have any advice when using them? I’d like to use them in an imperial IPA, with a pretty decent first hop addition, but I’ve never used them and dont know what to expect. Right now my bittering addition is 2oz of warrior, but I’d love to reduce that vegetal matter, Thoughts?

I’ve used them a few times, stocked up from Farmhouse Brewing Supply recently, although NB also carries them. Great product IMO.
I use 10ml at the beginning of a 60 min boil for 5 gallons.

I recently asked the board why would you need to boil the extract for so long, and someone pointed out that the extract itself needs to be isomerized, just like regular hops, in order to bitter the wort, so its not just a matter of mixing it in, and then its bitter.

My experience has been that the hopshot is similar to magnum hops. For some reason it doesn’t pack the same punch as other great bittering hops. My advice is to overshoot the bitterness you want by around 10 IBU’s on the hopshot calcs. The recommendation to use 10mL will work great in a double IPA. I use 12mL in the heady clone that I brew and it’s not over the top. I do have to say that my hopshot beers have done really well in competition. The only down side for me has been the sticky hop ring in the kettle afterwords, it’s kind of a pain to clean. :cheers: