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Looking for Left Hand's Sawtooth

looking for a recipe for Sawtooth made by Left Hand, can’t find much of anything for it, thanks!

From their website:

Style American Style ESB
Color Amber
Body Medium-bodied
ABV 5.30%
IBU’s 27
Plato 12°
Malts Pale 2-row, Crystal, Munich, Wheat and Black Malt
Hops Magnum, US-Goldings, Willamette and Cascade

From this info and a little guesswork on the crystal and hop schedule you ought to be able to get something close. I bet the crystal is something fairly light (or the Black wouldn’t be needed for color), so 20-40L maybe 10% (medium-bodied), then a lb each of Munich and Wheat. Black for color adjustment. Mash around 153F. Magnum for bittering, 20 IBUs, 5 IBUs from Goldings at 10 minutes, 2 IBUs from Willamette at 5 minutes, dry-hop with 0.5-1.0 oz Cascade.

I wonder how I missed their malt/hops posting. That seem like a good lead, I may make this a couple different ways this year and see how close I can come and generate a recipe from the results.

You certainly are a wealth of information shadetree

Recipe development is one of my favorite parts of brewing. :cheers:

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