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Looking for help with BIAB Saison Recipe

I want to brew the following recipe that I found in an article by Drew Beechum about Saisons. However, I’m using BIAB as my brewing technique, and I wonder if I need to adjust this recipe at all. I have a 7.5 gallon brew pot so I may need to mash at a lower volume and add water or even semi-sparge the brew bag with additional water in a second pot before the boil. Based on what I’m trying to do, would you make any adjustments to this recipe? I’m new to BIAB , so sorry if this seems inane, and thanks in advance for any help or advice.

9 lbs belgian pilsner malt
3 lbs german wheat malt
.5 lbs vienna malt
.25 lbs acidulated malt
1 lb candi sugar
1.75 oz. Styrian Goldings
2 oz. Saaz
Yeast (Wyeast 3711, WLP 565/566/568, or Danstar Belle Saison, yet undecided)
1/4 tsp. coriander
1/4 tsp. black pepper
Zest of half an orange

Mash in at 120° F (49° C) (1.2 qt./lb strike water) for a 20 minute protein rest. Raise to
150° F (66° C) and hold 60 minutes before mashing out. Boil for 60 minutes adding hops
and spices as indicated.Add candi sugar with 5 minutes remaining in the boil.

I was also thinking of cutting down one of the hop additions and adding a third variety of hops to give me some added grapefruit flavor. Any suggestions/advice on that?

Thanks all.

With regard to the BIAB process in a smaller pot, I’d mash in at about 1.5-2 qts of water per lb like a traditional mash in a cooler, then pull the bag and rest it on an oven rack or something over your kettle and sparge by pouring 190ish water over the grain slowly until you get your pre-boil volume. If you only have one kettle you can boil your sparge water before your strike and save it in a cooler.

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