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Hey all -

I am looking for some feedback on a web project I just recently published to the web.
It’s a site for home brewers and professionals to buy and sell any of their brew related equipment. Its still in early development, so I am looking for feedback in regards to any features that should be added.

You can check it out at

I appreciate it!


The link you provided did not work for me, had to manually add www to the address bar.

My first take is that I guess it’s ok. Simple, which is good, but many boards already have a “classifieds” section, so explain the advantage to going to another site.

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Your privacy policy is very open ended. That leads me to believe that all information will be disseminated.

The links do not work (trying to see one of the ads you have posted)

I my ultimate goal for thrifty brewer is not to just be classifieds, but offer affordable kits (primarily targeted at individuals just starting out), and great deal ingredients kits to any home brewer. Then have the classified be another resource to build your setup. I’m not quite finished with the shop to build your kit yet, so for now its just the classifieds.

Not too sure what the issue is with the ads, they seem to be working.

I’m on board with the classifieds idea. Nice way to reuse and purchase used equipment to save some money. Not sure so much with pushing a site that sells kits on a forum that is provided by a homebrew shop that does the same. Not sure the management here would be happy about it. Thoughts before I run it by them?