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Looking for feedback on my procedure

I converted my rec room fridge to a two tap system. I can only get two corny’s in the fridge. I’m trying to build up some reserves especially for the holidays so I’ve been carbing in the unused kegs with priming sugar as if I would bottle. After filling I bleed off the O and replace it with Co2 and leave it alone for two weeks or until the current tapped one kicks. it seems to be working, All I have to do is chill the new keg, clean and sanitize the lines, and tap. Questions.
1, Is it OK to carb in the keg?
2, What effect does this have on how long I can have a beer on tap before it gets skunky?
I’m new at kegging so please feel free to let me know what I’m doin wrong.

On deck: AK 47
Primary: Rye Stout
Kegged: Speckled heifer, Caribou Slobber
Tapped: Inn Keeper, Scottish 60
Bottled holiday beers: Smashing Pumpkin, Cousin Eddies Shi**ers ful Winter Warmer.

That’s a great way to do it. The only downside is that you will have more yeast in the bottom of the keg from natural carbonation, not a big deal. Just make sure you are still giving it some pressure to seal the lid properly after priming.

Use a little less sugar to prime the kegs. Something about the accumulated head space of the bottles is more than that of a keg? If the beer is under carbed, it will get there in a day or two.

The kegs sitting at room temp. will age at a faster rate however if your turning the kegs over every two weeks or even longer you don’t have to worry about staling as long as your sanitizing the keg and purging which you say you are. Skunking will only happen if the beer is exposed to light, especially sunlight. You should be fine.

Same process I’m using and I’d agree with the others. Since you are purging the kegs after putting beer in them there isn’t any concern of oxidation. I condition beers in the kegs for quite awhile with no issue, little difference between the beer sitting the keg and sitting in a bottle.

If I have a couple kegs that are at room temps just waiting for carbonation (I am out of refrigerator and gas connections) can I just add bottling sugar, purge and let sit? I just transferred to kegs on Wednesday. How much would I need to swirl?

I would suggest dissolving the sugar in some boiled water before adding it to the keg and swirling.
In addition after you purge the keg pressurize it to 25 to 30 psi to seal it.

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