Looking for Experienced Brewers

Hello, everyone . My name is Eugene (Milwaukee,wi). I would like to brew lagers.
I have very little experience so I really, really need someone
who can lead me thru the process and actually brew my lagers .
I got good European lager recipes (10 of them)
It is separate decoction , og-1,044, fg-1,012. Srm-8-10. Ibu-19-23 . Abv-4.2%.
Ibu , srm , abv and gravity may very. I am dreaming about my own microbrewery
and this is my pilot projects . I will pay for ingredients , can buy additional
equipment : big cooler , additional burners, big brew kettles, fermenters.
I will pay for ingredients and labor of course $$$ !
If interested , you can email me @ evitavski@gmail.com
Thank you.

You need alot of healthy yeast (use a calculator like mr malty) Proper fermentation is key when brewing lagers so pitch the yeast a few degrees below yeast range to produce a cleaner beer for example if you using a strain that should be fermented at 48 pitch at 45 and let it rise to 48 and hold that temp until about 75% attenuation is reached…at this point allow the beer to warm up to the 60’s for a d rest to clean up the beer…( always use you hydrometer throughout the process…once you reach terminal gravity rack the beer to a keg and lager the beer for at least a month at just above freezing temps…the trick to lagers is having a healthy large quantity of yeast and proper temp control during fermentation and alot of patience…Alsoyou might want to take a look at your water and make sure its is appropriate