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Looking for an extract kit

I am looking to brew an extract kit which has the taste similar to Blur Moon or shock top. Any suggestions>

This is the first Blue Moon clone recipe I brewed. Unfortunately it tasted better than Blue Moon.

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think death ringer ale you are beter off dont know blue moon once a while do drink it not my fav taste

Agreed on the recipe, but if you are looking to match Bluemoon’s flavor, then don’t use the yeast they recommend. Instead pick US-05. Blue Moon uses a clean American yeast, not a Belgian yeast and there should not be any yeast off-flavors.

oops- actually should have typed ‘yeast-derived’ flavors. My anti-Belgian yeast prejudice is showing. :wink:
But the statement still stands, based on the multi-page thread in the HBT forum by Wayne who was one of the brewers responsible for the development of Bluemoon back in the old days.

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