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Looking for an easy brew

My last batch was my first solo all grain beer. It turned out well but since then I’ve added the ability for temp control. I will also be picking up a aeration pump. I wanted to take a step back and reduce the time of my brew day with an extract batch to break in my chest freezer. Also since I upgraded my kettle for all grain I can do full boils now which I haven’t done with extract. I’m also looking for a style that will fit the season. I was thinking of brewing a Kolsch or an American wheat beer. I’ve brewed an Amercian wheat before that was a pretty straightforward brew. I haven’t brewed a Kolsch before but it doesn’t look like it’s too involved. Any thoughts maybe another style that is pretty easy? Just looking to shorten brew day with extract and brew a great batch.

Wheat is easier and quicker than a kolsch. Kolsch needs to be lagered but that could be a nice “maiden” brew for the new ferm chamber!


Pale Ale? If so, have you seen the Zoomin’ Pale Ale 20 Minute Boil Beer Kit?

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Not sure what a shortened brew day has yo d with breaking in your chest freezer. Bu if your talking about shortening your fermentation time, yes you can bang out a pale fairly quickly. Fermen a little warm and you can finish fermentation in a week.

It doesn’t really have anything to do with breaking in the chest freezer. I just didn’t want to spend the whole day brewing. I wanted to revert to an extract batch and brew in 2:30-3 hours instead of 5 or 6 hours.

Oh, that makes more sense

Indeed easy brew zoomin and does taste good

Well nows the time to git out of the kit, box then. Why not design yer own and brew it? Since you have all the makings, step away from the kit and test yerself. If you can figure out how much fermentables it takes to reach a gravity you like, try yer hand at it. Yeast, hops. I say do that and DONT use an on line calculator. Become the brewer and let yer imagination create… just saying’…. :neutral_face:Sneezles61


Sounds like a plan got enough ingredients at home to create a own beer been sort of twiking and adding extra hops the beers anyway


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