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Looking for Advice on my Session Ale Grain Bill

I want to make a low gravity IPA similar to Summit’s newest unchained beer the Organic Ale (which is like a session IPA). However, I do not want to make a clone of the beer but I would like to get a similar body with a brownish color. Currently I have a recipe formulated in beersmith with an SRM of 15.3.

Grain Bill:

82.6% Pale Malt (2 Row)

10.3% Crystal 20L

  1. 0% Crystal 60L

5.1% Weyerman Chocolate Rye

Hops will be Cascade, Centennial, and Chinook.

I have chosen to use chocolate rye because I have never used it before and wanted to see what type of flavor profile it would create. Although I am not using any other rye malt in my recipe, I am not looking for a strong rye presence.

Any advice or suggestions on the grain bill would be greatly appreciated! How have others enjoyed the chocolate rye in beers?

Also I will be using wyeast 1272 for this recipe because I have used 1056 for the past few batches and hope a little more malt presence will result.


Lots of crystal there, plus the rye, so you’ll have some body in the finish and can go fairly high on the IBUs to balance if you wish. Looks good to me.

Love the chocolate rye – nice choice. I used it recently in a styleless rye ale with Hallertauer hops and it turned out just fantastic. I think you are going to love this beer. Nice work. Brew it as is, and let us know how it turns out for you.

Thanks for all of the advice! I will brew this one, hopefully, this week.

I finally was able to try this beer out of the keg and it turned out very well. It has a distinct chocolate aroma from the chocolate rye and turned out very dark brown. However, for my tastes, I would have liked a little less chocolate rye to lighten the color and have less chocolate flavor. In addition, I would add some munich malt to add more malt complexity; currently the chocolate malt is all I taste but the cascade, centennial, and chinook hops complimented it well.


what mash temp did you go with? Looks like a great house ale for the fall…that i may heist :mrgreen:

I mashed at 152, cheers!

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