Looking for a simple recipe

So I’m starting to brew with some of my buddies. We have some basic equipment and have done a few kits and now are looking to get a simple all-grain recipe down.

We have ton of 2-row left from some failed and too complicated experiments so we want to get back to the basics.

Basically, I’m looking for a recipe for a red or brown ale that requires, ideally, only 1 mash temperature and that can ferment at room temp.

Something that’s good in taste but that we can’t possibly fuck-up.

Thanks for the Help!


A nice Irish Red

9 lb 2 row
12 oz caramel 40L
4 oz special B
4 oz roasted barley

Mash 152 degrees for 60 minutes

1oz cascade 60 minutes
1 oz fuggle 2 minutes

cool & pitch Safale US05

3 weeks primary, then botle

How have your experiments failed. If you are doing something fundamentally wrong, even a simple recipe won’t automatically fix that.

Have you read this yet:


Highly recommended.