Looking for a Medalla all grain recipe

I’ve got a buddy from Puerto Rico who I’ve been introducing to brewing. He admits there aren’t a lot of great local options in PR but he speaks fondly of Medalla as a good light lager. I’ve never had it so I was wondering if anyone had a decent all grain recipe I could try. I found one in Clone Brews but it looks a little too simple.

I heard the kit from Austin homebrew is decent but when I emailed them I was told they would only give me the recipe after I bought the kit… which really seemed like a way to not get my business. I’ve got a ton of grain already so I’d rather not go the kit route, especially if they won’t tell me what’s in it until I buy it… so I thought I’d ask here.

From what I can tell I could probably just brew a CAP and tell him it’s the recipe and everyone would be happy… heh. But something closer to authentic would probably be better since I’ve never had it.

Thanks guys…