Looking for a little insight on using Rye

I’m looking to do a 10 gallon all grain Rya PA, in a few weeks, I haven’t used rye much in the past so I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the stuff. I noticed that NB’s Rye Malt syrup was 70% 2 row, 20% rye and 10% crystal, based on that I was going to do a similar scale, but I don’t know if 20% is too much or not enough Rye.
Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

Everybodies opinions on too much or too little differs. I had a rye pale ale turn out awesom at 33%. I think I would reccomend a minimum of 20% for it to be distinguishable in the beer.

I did my first rye and I used about 10% and the aroma was spot on. I truly believe it depends on the hops and other malts, but if I were to do mine again I would move it to 15%.

IMO, don’t go less than 15%. I’ve gone as high as 45%. The extract composition was to mimic my Rye IPA recipe.

is rye a base grain or a specialty?

Closer to a base than a specialty.