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Looking For A Good Scottish Extract Recipe

NB used to have 60, 70 and (I believe) 80 schilling kits. I’m looking for a tasty malty Scottish. Under 5% ABV. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

And how many gallons? All grain or extract? Sneezles61

Extract. 5 Gal.

Thank you!

Marris Otter LME, 9.9 pounds( Thought they come in 3.3 per jug?), 1 OZ challenger hops, Either RO water of distilled, Bring to water to a boil, add yer LME, and hops, bring to a very slow boil, 1/2 hour, chill, yeast can be an 05 if you choose. Should come in about 5.3 ABV, so you could leave out the .9 of LME and get to 4.8. Sneezles61

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Interesting. Very simple. Only a 1/2 hour boil.

I found quite some time ago, complicated doesn’t make for good brews, keep it simple. You can boil longer and faster, and it will darken yer brew should you desire, but, 1/2 hour is just as effective with extract. Simple. Sneezles61

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