Looking for a good IPA recipe

Still new to brewing, only brewed 2 kits so far. For next and maybe last “kit” I would like to brew a good IPA. I like hoppy beer.

Here are some beers I like.
Boulevard Double wide IPA
Revolution Anti hero IPA
Dogfishhead 90 minute
Capital brewery Mutiny IPA

Please let me know if there are any Northern Brewer kit you think I might like.

Thank you in advance!

If your simply looking for a kit, Surly - Furious Kit, can’t go wrong with that one.

  • Jeff

My two favorite kits from NB are Furious and Dead Ringer.

Thank you for the responses. The furious looks like a popular beer - it is out of stock currently. I will take a look at the Dead Ringer also.


I did their chinook IPA and it came out well. A lot of people I gave it to liked it.

I have a few great ipa recipes, but they’re partial mash. If you’re looking to make the next step, I’d share a few.

Other than convenience there is no benefit to buying kits. Plenty great recipes out there and even if you like a certain “kit” you can put it together yourself and save coin. If you do order kits and want to change it up order some extra hops or yeast and experiment. Save the parts you don’t use and find or better yet make a recipe from them.

I might have to find some youtube videos on making a partial mash. Not sure what is involved. Some of the recipes I’ve seen seem a little complicated.

Thanks for your input.

I’m a fan of the kama citra kit. Dead Ringer is also very good.

I’ve done the Wil Wheaton’s Vandal Eyes PA, Kama Citra, Permafrost India White, Jamil’s Evil Twin and the T-Can and Bearcat’s Wheaten Beatdown and all of them were excellent. Also, sometimes the kits are slightly cheaper than if you bought all of the ingredients separately. I’ve especially found this to be the case with kits that use a lot of hops.

Another vote for Dead Ringer. Just bottled my latest batch a few weeks ago.

I’ve also done a Pliny the Elder clone (the MoreBeer kit, not the NB one) and it was really good too. Yeah, technically it’s a double IPA, but it’s good. The kits are very similar as far as ingredients, so I would suspect the NB version is just as good or better.

Thanks for all the feedback. I have a lot to choose from for my next brew.