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Looking for a few thoughts on an over hopped IPA

9# 2 row
2# Munich
1# caraMunich
1/2# crystal 60

mash @ 148 for 60

.5oz cascade FWH
1.5 zythos @ 60
1 oz cascade @ 15
1 oz Simcoe @ 15
1 oz simcoe @ 5
3/4 of cascade @ 5
1/2 oz simcoe @ FO

maybe dry hop with an oz of cascade
1056 yeast

Any thoughts?

I’ve seen way more “over-hopped” beer. I mean, that hop schedule will make a pretty nice hoppy IPA and I think it looks pretty good but I’ve seen recipes with three ounces at flameout and three ounces in dryhop along with heavy hopping throughout so I wouldn’t call that over-hopped. Combo looks ok. I’m personally more of a fan of vienna instead of munich and you’re at 12% caramel malts which is a tad higher than I like for an IPA but your low mash will help with that and that’s more personal preference.

Yeah I guess ‘over-hopped’ is a little strongly worded, I did raise the 60 min addition by 1/2 oz and cut back on the crystal by 1/4 lb.
I think the new numbers come out to 110 ibu’s.

Isn’t it impossible to over hop an IPA? :slight_smile:

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