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Looking for a Cream Ale AG Recipe

I am looking to brew a ceam ale this weekend. Anybody have a favorite AG recipe they could share? A Boddington’s clone would be good. Thanks in advance. :cheers:

Cream ale or British Bitter?

For a cream ale, some use 6-row malt with flaked corn to an OG of about 1.050 and use an American hop variety (I like Mt. Hood or Liberty but many like Cluster and even Cascade). Make an addition of hops at 60 and again later (somewhere between 1 and 10 minutes left) and then 1056/WLP001/US-05. Check your water and make sure it’s not high in bicarbonate or sulfates.

Something like:

8.5 lbs American 2-row or 6-row
1 to 1.5 lbs flaked corn
4 AAU Mt. Hood, Liberty, Cluster or other mild American hop for 60 minutes
1/2 oz to 1oz of similar or same hop for 5 mins
Wyeast 1056, White Labs 01 or US-05

Mash at 150-151° for 90 minutes, check mash pH and keep it at 5.2-5.4, check sparge pH and keep it below 6… that will allow the beer to keep a gold color.

Boddington’s is a different style completely. I’ve heard it referred to as “The Cream of Manchester” or some such thing, but it’s an English Bitter/Pale Ale, not a Cream Ale.

I have been making cream ales since I started brewing and have finally settled on this recipe. Makes a nice clean refreshing cream ale. This is the one I make that everybody will drink even the BMC people.

5.5 lb palt malt - 2 row
3.25 lb Pilsen malt - 2 row Breiss
1 lb corn flaked
1 lb rice flaked
1 oz willamette - 60 minutes
1 oz willamette - 5 minutes

90 minute mash at 152, and 90 minute boil. Adjust mash and sparge water volume to account for long boil.

OG 1.056
FG 1.012 to 1.010

This is my house favorite for 25 gallons.

This is my cream ale the BMC crowd loves. i do too :cheers:
9.0 lb - Pale 2-Row (82.5%)
0.5 lb - Flaked Corn (12.5%)
0.5 lb - Victory (5%)

0.35 oz - Magnum (AA 13.5) for 60 min,

This is my favorite cream ale, probably a bit non traditional with the amarillo but delicious anyway.

Amount Item Type % or IBU
7 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 73.68 %
2 lbs Maize, Flaked (Thomas Fawcett) (2.0 SRM) Grain 21.05 %
8.0 oz Victory Malt (25.0 SRM) Grain 5.26 %
0.50 oz Amarillo Gold [10.70 %] (60 min) Hops 18.0 IBU
0.50 oz Amarillo Gold [10.70 %] (5 min) Hops 3.6 IBU
1 Pkgs SafAle US-05 (DCL Yeast) Yeast-Ale

Thanks for all of the great recipe inputs. After looking at all of them and the NB All Grain Cream Ale recipe along with Randy Mosher’s book, ‘Radical Brewing’, I put together the following:

7 lb 2-Row Brewer’s Malt
14 oz Flaked Corn
14 oz Malted Wheat
8 oz Honey Malt
2 oz Biscuit Malt

0.5 oz Cluster Pellets (90 min)
0.5 oz Ahtanum Pellets (5 min)
0.5 oz Tangerine Zest (5 min)
0.25 oz Minced Ginger Root (5 min)

Any thoughts on how this will turn out?

I brewed on Saturday and hope to keg in about 2 weeks. I’ll post the results when I tap it.

Being the experienced veteran that I am with all of 3 extracts and 1 AG under my belt :shock: Short story long; I had to dump the entire mash into the kettle, clean the mash tun, then dump the mash back into the tun before I could begin the Vorlauf.


Lol thats funny. I almost did that once,but caught myself before my arm was actually in the liquid.

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