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Looking for a Beer Smith expert. Anyone?

Specifically looking for someone who can clarify the “Minutes” function in the hops - whirlpool/ steep option.
you can set the minutes, but I’m not sure how BS measures them, is it minutes past flameout? ie, kill flame, drop in hops and steep/ whirlpool for 10 minutes before turning on a chiller, is that a 10 minutes steep?
I’m trying to figure out my timeline to get an accurate read on my post boil IBU’s
Any help would be awesome!

Email Brad those questions. He is good about getting back to people. It’s my understanding that once you hit below 180 degrees you are no longer extracting IBU’s from hops only flavors.

This thread on the BS forum has some info ... 41155.html

I hadn’t noticed that in the latest update.

I agree with the above replies. Email your questions. I have first hand experience
Emailing BeerSmith. I am a computer idiot. I know nothing about them. I could not log onto the BeerSmith forum. I messed with it for a few days off and on then gave up. I sent them an email about my problem. I did not expect a fast reply. Later in the day I checked my email and there was a response from Brad Smith. Brad told me what he thought the problem was, and gave instructions on what to do. It worked. Now I can log on. Now that is service! I bet they will fix you up. Good luck to you.

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