Looking for 3 gal partial mash porter recipe

Looking to try a small batch from scratch. I have always used recipe kits and want to adventure into brewing without one. Local brew shop has hardly any kits and dont want to have to order one. Anybody have a good porter recipe for me? I keep finding 5 gal recipes on google but im running low on bottles and dont want to go out and buy more right now. Any help would be very appreciated.

BeerSmith is one example of a program that allows you to enter a recipe of any size and scale it up or down to whatever size you want to brew. I am sure there are several more.

I think I saw that BeerSmith was on sale this weekend.

Here’s a Fuller’s Porter clone I just bottled, scaled to 3 gallons

4.75# Maris Otter
9 oz Brown Malt
5 oz Crystal 80
3 oz Chocolate Malt

.75 oz Fuggles 4.5 AA 60 Min
.25 oz Fuggles 15 min

Wyeast 1968

Target OG 1.053

Use 3# of NB Maris Otter Extract and mash 1# of Maris Otter if you are partial mashing.