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Lookin for some thoughts on this red ipa (hops specifically)

11 # 2row
1 # carahell
1 # cara munich
1/4 # pale choco. rye.

2oz. zythos @ 75
1oz zythos @ 60
2 oz Simcoe @ 5
2 oz Centenial @ 0
1 oz Ahtanum @ 0

2 oz Simcoe for dry hop (4 days)
2oz ahtanum for dry hop (put in after I take the Simcoe out, 4 days)

mash at 122 for 20
150 for 60
170 for 10

I plan on using some Dry English yeast, (White labs)

I think beer smith has the IBU’s at about 140 something. I’m never used ahtanum before, but I like the description.
Anyone with any experience with it or any input would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

A couple things to think about…

Why use a hop blend so early in the boil? It’d be better suited for a flavor/aroma addition.

You have way too much bittering hops.

What’s reason for the step mash ?

That is alot of bittering hops, maybe FWH the 2 oz of zythos. You also have 2 lbs of crystal.

Personally, I don’t see need for a step mash, YMMV.

Used ahtanum in a beer this spring, I really liked the results, gave the beer a nice citrus pop. Planning on using them in a IPA soon.

I had the 2oz. of Zythos at FWH initially, but then moved it to the start of the boil. I think putting it at FWH is a good idea.
I’ve also never used the Carahell, I want the foam stability, but not the sweetness, is there another option?


Ahtanum hops are a lot like crystal hops for me. They are great complimentary hops, but don’t have the legs to be the big flavor.

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