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Look at this wheat crush please

Never really noticed this before,
I guess partly because if I ordered a kit with wheat in it , it comes all mixed.
Now I get a # or two crushed and seperate and it looks like it could be crushed more.
Most noticable is the complete lack of flour.
My effeciency completely tanks when I would brew a hefe or other wheat heavy beer.
Otherwise, NB crush has been great to me, hitting 90+ if I wanted to double sparge.
Would you flowerize this in a food processor? It’s going into a belgian orval/saison.
I don’t think it’ll stick on me.
Just put it in a big ziploc and roll/ crack it some more?

The picture is really blurry and I can still see a large amount of intact grain. I would try to crush it with a rolling pin.

+1 to crushing it more. That is a pretty crappy-looking crush IMHO.


Ill give the bag/ rolling pin a shot.
Save the flour idea for another day. :frowning:
Thanks guys, happy new years.

I rolled all 9 # for fun (pils, mo & wheat)
Woweee am I getting a slow run, just shy of stuck.
Might be time to look into getting a mill.

Edit- worked great minus the slow run off.
First time I actually hit my OG for a beer with wheat.
81%, I’m happy with that. Thanks again.

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