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Long secondary question

I’m moving my Christmas 2012 Barley Wine to secondary. I have a glass carboy and a better bottle. Is there any preference for a six month secondary in using glass or plastic? Also, Do you just replenish the airlock monthly or cap using some other method? Thanks.

I would use glass as a preference to prevent oxidation. the BB will probably be ok, but they do allow some oxygen to pass through…thought it might be negligible for a BW. Either way, you are miles above using a bucket for a long secondary.

That being said, i wouldn’t go out and buy a glass carboy if I didn’t have one in this case…I would use the BB.

BBs are comparable to glass as far as O2 permeation - it’s the bung that’s the weak point. Fill the carboy into the neck and you’ll minize the exposure.

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