Long Fermentation?

This is only my second brew and the fermentation in the carboy is different than the first one last month. I’ve got the NB Cream Ale LME kit in the fermentor now and after 10 days, I still here the audible “bloop” of gas passing through the airlock every 15 minutes or so. This is supposed to be one of the shorter duration brews, 2 weeks in fermentor and then two weeks in the bottle. Temp has averaged between 66 and 68 F. My first brew was an Irish Red Ale LME kit and all audible fermentation was finished in three days.

I’m surprised that this Cream Ale is still fermenting this long, especially since it’s a relatively short duration brew. My question…is this normal? It was a dry yeast, btw. Can’t remember the name. I also didn’t do any tweaking since I’m relatively new to this and want to do it the tried and true way in the beginning while I learn the craft. The OG was 1.041.

Your yeast never read the recipe. Fermentation can take longer if you pitched the yeast dry or rehydrated. Fermentations can take longer if you pitched when the wort very cool, compared to very warm. The fermentation will take as long as it takes, don’t try to rush it. Plan for at least three weeks in the primary. Secondary not a requirement.

The air lock activity could also be CO2 off gassing after a complete fermentation. Take a SG sample and then another in three days. SG samples that are the same means fermentation is complete. When the sediment suspended by the CO2 in solution drops out, you are ready to bottle.

Thanks for your response, flars. I like the “yeast never read the recipe” comment. I was planning on letting it go another week in the carboy with the activity that is still going on in there. I pitched the yeast at 70F and has since cooled to 66F. I’ll let it go for a third week. I’m in no hurry.

The third week will give you a great beer. Once in a while I’ll go longer if my hydrometer sample isn’t clear.