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Long Fermentation

Going to be out town for 12-13 weeks and just brewed a Trappist Dubel to hopefully let ferment while I am gone. Looking to see what the thoughts are on letting sit on the yeast cake that long and will it produce any off flavors. If there are, how can I minimize them? Below are some of the details.

5 gal Batch
Wyeast 1388
Fermenter at 68oF
OG 1.076
I will be bottling when I return

Thanks for the help

I would be more comfortable racking it to secondary after a few weeks but it sounds like you don’t have any choice. The low temp range for 1388 is 64 so your 68 is good. Keep it cool and out of the light and I bet it will be fine.

HD4 thanks for the reply. Would you recommend a cold crash after the prescribe 9 weeks or just keep it at 68? I have some one that can adjust the temp for me if needed, I just want to keep it simple for them if able.

The cold crash depends on what you want… If you want to clear your beer up faster but wait a little longer for carbonation in the bottles, you can cold crash it. I think after that long a period in the carboy, you’re beer will be pretty clear as the yeast will have plenty of time to clean up.

I’d say in this case just let it go until you’re ready to bottle.

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