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Logo ready


So got my logo. Ready. For my project in october

Is it historically correct? I never think viking when I think of bonnair. Nice though

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The axe… Can it be redone with a warlock guitar? It’s a very nice moniker… Use it with your NB name? :sunglasses: Sneezles61

More a dimebag dean

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Aah its the way you look at it

Looks good! Tell us about it?

It looks like there is something on the axe? Must have been in a warrior.

I think it is cool!

Dimebag Dean :joy:

I was thinking the blade was chipped… Dragging it home after many of Wilco’s brews! Sneezles61

Me like beer. Like vikings. Mayby because my mom danish blood. Thats why logo Been brewing now for a while. Guest a my house like my beer. So on my b day we talked. Why not sell beer at regatta and taste of bonaire. Regatta. A sort of 4 day county fair. Me gonna give it a try. Start brewing tomorow for regatta. Will do a type of pilsner. And ipa. Brew 4 kegs pilsner. 2 kegs. Ipa.


If you have an opportunity to make a dream reality, go for. Just be ready for the positives and negatives. Have fun and be safe!!!

Yeah me just try. If it works. Fun if not at least i did try. Its still a hobby. Besides my regular work as a dive instructor. Only thing. Buy a bigger brew system. And. Some lager fermentors. So i can brew 4 kegs of brew in one session. But first see if it works out. If i dont try i never know. If i fail. At least i did try. Carpe diem

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Cool idea to just brew for festival. A hobby is fun but work is well, work. Depends on your person. Even if you love your work there is other stuff Involved.

For now only brewing festivals. And food court things. Got to stay a hobby. My own beer at home most inportant this is just a see and wait thing. Got my covert under my wifes. Enterprise. My daughter. Accountant will do the. Calculations. If this does not work out. Well did try. My life not depends on this. Still do my other things. And must admitt. Its a. Self indulging thing love it when people say damm do like your brews


Good on you @wilcolandzaat. Live your dream! Best of luck!

Up date. Now 5 days after. Regatta. Had 5 kegs of beer ready. Did sell total of 3.5. Keg of beer. Was fun to do. But long nights started at 6 till 2 pm at night. Sold burgers. As well. Friday. Meeting with my. Friend. On how much we made. Minus. Cost. Of beer and. Food. Ok. Did sell. Ipa for 3.60. And pilsner 2.50. Haha by the time i was home 5 in the morning. After closing we had few brew as well. But that was differnt keg. So i know how much beer i sold. Will i do it again next year. Not sure yet

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