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I’m a newbee doing 5 gal. partial mash recipes and using extract for majority of base malt. My question is: Given equal availability, are there ever any advantages to using LME? Are there certain circumstances where LME is preferable?

Only advantage I can think of for LME over DME is when it’s on sale.

Both will make good beer. LME is great if you know that the syrup you are getting is relatively fresh. DME has a longer shelf life, so by using it you eliminate at least one concern. The DME will seem more expensive, but when you factor in the fact that you’re not paying for water, and that pound for pound you are getting more fermentables, the cost factor versus LME is not an issue.

Extract is certainly a more expensive way of making beer but you can get great results while you get to know the process, and either type of extract will get you there.

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