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LME/DME - Why do they contain Carapils?

I am very much a beginner - 5 extract kits. But, I am thinking ahead to coming up with my own recipes. It seems that most of the domestic DMEs and LMEs have some specialty grains in them, such as Carapils.

If I am working off a recipe that calls for x amount of LME, specialty grains, etc., do I have to make any adjustments for the “extra” stuff in the LME or DME?

Of course, if I am just totally confused, please set me straight.

Thank you.

I’ve never seen the ingredients list of LME or DME. That said, I’m sure the recipies you are working with are based on the malt extracts available, so you shouldn’t have to account for it. Welcome to the wonderful world of home brewing!

Usually they do not contain carapils. Speaking from what I have learned from their websites, Briess and Munton’s use a combination of Munich, Cara 60 and Black malts to increase their extracts from Extra Light through Dark. Look atthe Briess specs on their site.

I like to use Extra Light DME as my “base malt”. Then add specialty grains from there. Munich, Black and the various Caramels/Crystals are good additions to building your grist from there. The options are endless…


I agree, use the lightest extract you can get regardless of beer style and give it the flavors and colors YOU choose by steeping specialty grains. Many award winning beers are made this way…

Thank you for the replies. I’ll have to do some research. But, looking at the Briess website, their Golden ligth, which appears to be their lightest, has Carapils. Muntons Extra Light DME, on the other hand, appears to be a “plain” DME.

I figure I have another 5+ brews before I move away from kits. That should give me time to dig in a bit more and find a good base extract to work with.

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