LME after knockout?

I think I may have screwed up! I forgot to add my LME at knockout and noticed the nice unopened 3.3 lb. container of LME next to my sink. I hastily dumped its contents into my wort. I noticed the temp was as about 170 F. Did I just ruin this batch? :oops:

I will hazard a guess that it’s OK…Hopefully you stirred it in well.

Yeah. - we will see how it turns out. Yeast is in!

Your wort was over pasteurization temperature. You are okay, but I’ll bet you will still worry. After a similar incident I keep all my ingredients in full view.

You’ll be fine. Extract is boiled in the process of making it and you don’t really need to boil it again, that’s why no-boil kits work.

I think you will be fine. I Don’t know what kit you were using, but the wort should be pretty sterile. Some of the canned kits from England and Australia are actually no boil kits. I suspect you will have good beer when its done.