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Little or no head

Been having a problem with this for the last couple of batches now - I am having inconsistent results with head and retention - i have discovered this to be unique to each batch, not so much by each bottle.

first, I hand wash all if my bottles - using an oxyckean soak. Thoroughly rinses with a bottle blaster and then use star San on bottling day. I have heard that it could be the glasses I am pouring into, as the soap on the glass leaves a residue that can kill the head. However, I have tried washing my beer glasses by hand a couple of times and still no avail.

I would say these bottles are in their 6th-7th use. I very diligently clean/sanitize them, and there is nothing wrong with the tase or carbonation. I just wish there were a nice sexy head with every pour.

Any suggestions?

Beers with no head/retention
Peace coffee porter stout
Surly bender
Denny’s wry smile ipa
Waldo lake amber
Sinistral warrior
Caribou slobber
Sustainor 2

Beers with nice head/retention:
Smashing pumpkin
Surly furious
Cream ale
Irish red ale
Sustainor NTB

First off, AG or Extract? Often, head retention can be affected by fermentation. For a detailed response, read this: ... techniques

Also, do you ever put your beer glasses in the dishwasher? Also, if you use the dish washer, do you use rinse aids? These are head KILLERS. I would suggest washing your glass, then re-washing it with a salt water solution then letting it air dry to see if this helps.

Next time you pour a beer check the sides of the pint. If the CO2 bubbles stick you the side your pint is not “beer clean.”

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