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Liquid Yeast viability


I live in a very hot place (the Middle East) and have been ordering liquid yeast smack packs for the beers I have been brewing. Since I am new to the hobby (started during the “winter” months) I have not had any problems with the yeast I received in the mail.

My general question is this - will it be a problem if I order a smack pack during the “summer” and it gets mailed to me? I know for a fact that the mail is exposed to some high heat because mailing anything with chocolate in, on or around it from March until October on will result in a terrible mess.



That just iffy. Depending on how long it is exposed to the heat. How long does the plane sit before it’s unloaded? Do you have delivery to the place you live/work? Is the delivery vehicle A/C’d and if not, how long would the yeast be in the heat?

You should look into saving the yeast from one batch to the next. Storing them in the fridge.

Or during the summer months switch to the dry yeast varieties. New strains have recently hit the market. Maybe more will come shortly.

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