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Liquid Yeast Late Delivery

Hi All,

I had a kit that was supposed to be delivered about three weeks ago, it’s been bouncing around in the mail and has just now found its way to my house.

My question is, is the liquid yeast still safe to use? It is not inflated, but with bouncing around in the mail for so long, I’m not sure if it’s safe to use.

It is WYEAST 1968 London ESB

It may be fine, but it’s been out of the fridge for a long time. There’s no harm in asking the vendor for a replacement based on the tracking info.

I too would ask for a replacement or plan on building a yeast starter.

Last week I brewed a hefe that came with wyeast liquid weihenstephan yeast–packaging date august 28, 2013. So almost 4 months old. Did a two step starter–fermentation began about 10 hours after pitching and is still going now 5 days later. I definitely agree with advice above. It’s very possible the yeast is viable, but I would absolutely do a starter to be sure.


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