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Liquid Yeast in the Summer?

My temperature probe is taped to the front side of the fermentor with a rag on the outside so it hopefully reads only the fermentors temp. Granted it is the temp of the fermertors wall but I have not seen it over 68.
The heater, the plastic sheet type, is on the back and sides of the fermentor.

Sounds like the issue is the center of the fermentor is then up over 72.
I guess I need to adjust the temperature down to account for the yeast generating heat and the fact the heat from the heater needs to travel through the wort before the probe reads it.

Thanks again for all the help.

I will put this out there too, sounds as though you may have pitched at high krausen with your starter! That is a goal I strive for… Your wort takes off sooner, less worrying about infections… I get just a bit better attenuation too… Sounds as though your temps are in control… I hope you took notes as to when you started your starter, how much DME and the such! In my book, you did well! Sneezles61

Thanks sneezles61 for the feedback. It may have been a little luck on my first yeast starter but I do know the amounts, timing on the stir plate etc. I will try and repeat it on my next batch.

One more bit of information that may be helpful to some.
I was wondering how to keep from poring the stir stick into the firmentor when I pitching.
I could not find anything on the forum but I came up with something that worked for me.
I happened to have a good magnet here and put that on the bottom of the flask to hold the stir stick to the bottom when I pitched the yeast. It worked great for me.

Thanks again for everyone’s help on this forum.
I live somewhat remote and don’t know anyone in the area that brews, the local brew store is over an hour a way and no homebrew clubs in the area. It is great that you all take the time to help us all as we have questions and learn what we are doing.

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You can also use a magnet to drag the stir bar up and out of the flask before you pitch. I got the idea from @radagast in response to a previous post on this forum and I’ve been doing it ever since.

I do the same. Usually drag the magnet out before pitching. Use a plastic coated cow magnet. A cow magnet is a strong magnet put in a cows stomach to hold chopped up pieces of metal in the stomach that may have gotten into the feed.

Use the same magnet on the router table to hold bits at the right depth while tightening the chuck.

A few times I have put a note on a fermentor that a stir bar is in there.


Great Info Flars… Now to utilize magnets for setting planer blades… hhhmmm. Sneezles61

My planer is cast aluminum so the typical blade setters with magnetic hold downs won’t work… I set a stainless steel square on the out feed table and set the blades by sound. Super sensitive hearing aids are handy once in a while.

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:joy: ^^^^^^ I just got a free one… Need to tinker with… whilst wondering what couple of yeasts I should get before the temp goes up… Did that tie it in good? Sneezles61

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