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Liquid sanitizer in my Secondary = ruined batch?

After siphoning StarSan sanitizer out of the secondary carboy before transferring by beer, I’m fairly certain I didn’t turn the carboy over to dump out the liquid at the bottom that didn’t make it through the siphon. So, by the slightly higher-than-usual liquid level in the carboy after transferring the beer, I’m guessing I added the beer on top of some liquid sanitizer - is this batch ruined?

No, as long as we are talking StarSan, you are fine with a fair amount of diluted sanitizer before it will affect your batch.

If you sanitize with something else, all bets are off

I’m curious. Do you completely fill your carboy for sanitizing?

I keep a batch of StarSan (typically for about 4 weeks, tops) in a sealed bucket and siphon into the carboy before I use it. I do so to sanitize both the carboy and my siphon. Seems to work really well.

Why bother siphoning out rather than just dumping it?

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