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Liquid or dry male extract

I was wondering about the difference between LME and DME. Is one preferable? Is one “better” than the other. It’s probably just my perception. It’s something to do with the idea of a can of syrup that kind of bugs me. It’s like when they installed that new coffee machine at work that used the can of coffee extract syrup instead of grounds. It was not a good feeling. So when I think of making beer by opening up a can and scraping out a thick syrup it makes me say “hey! That’s not right”! Am I off base? Is my head messin with me and taking me off track?

Dry extract is the same as syrup, except that more (almost all) of the moisture has been removed.
Both are essentially concentrates wort (sometimes already hopped, sometimes not) .

Years ago when I was brewing with extract, I came to prefer the dry stuff by a wide margin because the syrups didn’t have as good a shelf life. Properly packaged, the dry stuff stays ‘fresh’ for much longer.

The extracts (either type) can make very good beer…it’s a simple way to make beer, but it’s also a much more expensive way. But it’s a really great way for beginning brewers to get a feel for the fermentation process.

I have a bias against the cans too. But I understand my bias may be based on out of date opinion.
I have no complaint about Northern Brewer’s LME milk-jugs though, and I’ve used a bunch of them.
Morebeer has giant bags for LME. I’ve heard good and bad, but no personal experience.

Don’t let the packaging style throw you.

Pro: LME doesn’t go through a hot break cycle like DME.
Pro: DME is easier to deal with (pouring, measuring).
Pro: It’s easier to mix various DME to achieve the desired SRM.
Con: LME can sit at the bottom of the pot and burn.

I usually use DME as the pros outweigh the only con…the hot break.

The key to extracts, especially liquid, is freshness.

I’m not judging, but I’m not into male extract. :smiley:

One difference between the two is that dry adds more gravity points per pound than liquid. I prefer the DME for the reasons stated; it is easier to work with.

Well now that’s funny. I didn’t realize my typo, and right there at the top. That’s what I get for thinking I can type. Errors like this are the reason I stopped signing e mails with Regards, Jon. The ‘g’ and the ‘t’ are just too close to one another.

Didn’t even notice until you pointed it out.

Now THAT is funny!

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