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Liquid malt extract question

So today was a bust of a brew day. It took 1hr 30 min and I still didn’t have my initial boil to put in the extract. I had to shut down because I couldn’t guarantee that I could maintain a boil for 60 minutes. The slightest breeze and the beginning of the boil would go away. For some stupid reason I opened the liquid extract buy tearing off the seal under the cap. (Please don’t ask why, I’m still trying to figure that out)

So I put the cap back on and put it in the fridge.

2 Questions

How long can that extract last in the fridge. The next time that I will be able to brew is 2 weeks from now. Will the extract last that long?

Second question. I smacked the yeast pack earlier in the day. How long will the yeast last? I’ve heard that the yeast can last a while. Where should I keep the pack (it’s already puffed out). Where should I store it?

Thanks in advanced!

No problem on either. Keep them both in the fridge until you’re ready to brew. In the meantime, read about making a starter for your yeast at

Thanks for the reply Denny, I appreciate it!

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