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Lingering bitterness

Just tried my snpa clone and it tastes similar to snpa. It just has a slight bitternes which I can taste 5 mins after I drink some??? is this a tannin problem?? :cry:

Did you make the NB version- because they call for chinook hops to bitter with. I find them abrasive to the palate. Sierra Nevada actually uses magnum for bittering.

And tannins are astringent. Think of a mouth puckering dryness, akin to sucking on a grape skin, not lingering bitterness.

Try distilled water next time. Could be too much sulfates in your water.

The lingering bitterness has now disappeared??? its now tasting pretty good :cheers:

It could have just been that you tried the beer too young. I often find that I prefer beers that have aged in the kegs for at least a few weeks. The flavor will continue to change as it gets older.

Yep, it could be sediment, and could be just a little more age helped it out as rebuilt said.

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