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Lingering bitter finish on chocolate milk stout

Just drank the first of an extract batch of chocolate milk stout from NB. It’s got great taste, but leaves a little too much of a lingering bitterness on the back of the tongue. Not sure if its from the hops (1oz cluster @60 minutes and .5 oz @30 minutes) or the cocoa nibs (4 oz) in the secondary. Any other experience with this beer from the forum? I really like the initial taste and would love to attempt to cure the lingering bitterness in the next batch.

Full disclosure…I am drinking it at 5 weeks, so I imagine it may be a touch “young”.


It will definitely mellow out on another month. Sounds like its just hop bitterness, for a sweet beer I really go low on my IBUs (single digits). I don’t think it would be the cocoa nibs, those are nutty and no hint of bitterness. The only other possibility is fermenting warm, that can leave a sour aftertaste.

Do you remember which one of the nibs you used Papua New Guinea or Ghana ?

If it was the Papua it has a bite to it as I found out when I made a batch with it make sure you use the Ghana it is smooth and chocolaty.

I’ll be kegging mine on Monday it should be carbed by next Friday I’ll let you know if there are any off tastes.

@chuck- I’m not sure the origin of the nibs that were used. I am VERY happy with this beer, just wondering if there’s something I can do to have it finish a little cleaner. As originally posted, it is relatively young, so age may cure this issue. I also used a smack pack and not a starter, I wonder if the starter could get the FG lower and create a drier finish.

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