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Light dark beer

I am looking for a recipe for a low alcohol dark beer that is easy drinking. I am thinking 4.0 to 4.5% ABV. Black in color, a little roasty with nice chocolate and coffee flavors. Anyone have a recipe that would be a good start? I really do not like the smoked (rauch malt) flavor. All Grain.

You should really pick up a copy of Brewing Classic Styles

. I’ve thought highly of every recipe I’ve brewed out of that book. With that said, I’ve not brewed this recipe, which is essentially from that book. It’s a dry stout recipe, which should come out at least comparable to Guinness (since this is the classic dry stout). Your description actually sounds pretty close to Guinness, as far as I can tell.

Dry Stout Recipe

OG: 1.042
FG: 1.010
IBU: 41
ABV: 4.1%

7lbs Maris Otter
2lbs Flaked Barley
1lb Black Roasted Barley (500L)

2oz Kent Goldings (5% AA) @ 60 min

WLP004 / Wyeast 1084 / Fermentis US-05

Notes: Crush roasted barley fine, almost to dust. Mash at 120F for 15 minutes, raising this to 150F for 60 minutes.

Give this recipe a whirl and report back!

How about an English Mild? I’ve been thinking about brewing this one soon from Graham Wheeler’s book, British Real Ale.

Batemans Dark Mild
(23 liters)
OG 1.033
FG 1.011
IBU 24
EBC 124

2660g Maris Otter
410g Crystal
240g Black malt
130g Flaked Wheat

26g Challenger @ 90 min.
7g Golding @ 10

I would do a english mild:

5.5 pounds maris otter
1pound and 6oz crystal 60
4.4oz chocolate malt

1oz fuggles boiled 45minutes
1oz fuggles boiled 15minutes

Nottingham dry yeast

I have a keg of oatmeal stout that I am currently enjoying that comes in at about 4-4.5%. Very smooth and easy drinking, but also surprisingly light. Really pleased with how easy drinking it is even on a 90 degree day.

I made a 6.5 gallon batch with the following, but you could probably drop some of the small additions I made and just up the chocolate a little.

2row - 8lbs
munich - 1 lb
flaked oats - 1 lb
wheat - .5 lb
Chocolate - .75lb
Crystal 60 - .75lb
coffee kiln - 2 oz.
black patent - 1 oz.
roast barley - 1 oz.

1 oz. magnum for 60, 1 oz. glacier at flame out.

whitelabs 001

color = 35srm
Gravity = 1.042
IBU = 35

mashed at 154
I have very hard water - great for dark beers, so adjust accordingly.

I am also thinking about doing an oatmeal brown ale in the near future…not sure on a recipe for that yet.

I would do either a dry irish stout (Ale) or a schwarzbeir (lager). Oh wait,…i did. :wink:

Both deliver eactly what you describe. NB’s kits are excellent, fwiw.


[quote=“KISS Brew”]You should really pick up a copy of Brewing Classic Styles

. [/quote]

Does this book have extract recipes or just all grain?

recipes are both extract and all-grain.

I think I will go with the mild recipe. I have C60 and Chocolate in stock so I will probably go with bkov’s recipe. I have Jamil’s book, so I think I will read up on the style as well. Thanks for the help.

American Dark Lager. I’d go with 75-85% pilsner malt or 2-row (or extract) plus an adjunct like corn or rice (sugar if extract), plus a little roasted barley, chocolate malt, carafa or Siminar for color. OG between 1.035 and 1.060, depending on how strong you want it. Bitter to about 15-18 ibus, and pitch a lager yeast.

good pick, that recipe has 100s of good reviews: ... -us-52776/

I am making a Schwarzbier (11.5 gallons) with the following:

18 pounds Pilsner
2 pounds Munich
1 pound Blackprinz
3/4 pound Crystal 60

Merkur 12.4 Alpha - 1 oz. at 60 min. and 1 oz. at 10 minutes

WLP 800

OG 1.045

I would consider this a pretty light dark beer…but an English Mild is potentially much lighter (some are around 3.5% ABV) and a quicker turn around.


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