LHBS recipe kits listing ingredients

Is it normal thing for a LHBS to not list ingredients in the recipe kits? I understand they might have come up with their own recipe. I started out buying extract kits from NB and liked how everything was listed and you could measure it out and find the correct amount listed and packaged. I bought a few kits from a LHBS and found there instructions to be lacking in the ingredient type and amount. I wanted to message them about it but didn’t want to sound like I was an idiot for wanting to know types and amounts. Like it’s “Top Secret” info. Does anyone buy kits from their LHBS and find the same to be true?

What brand are their kits or Is it their own kits? My local guy sells Brewers best kits…but to be honest I have never looked at them :slight_smile:

It’s their own kits. They also carry BB but I didn’t have much luck with the BB Coffee Porter kit. I feel like the BB kits sit around longer and I don’t trust that they have the freshest ingredients.

Not that I’ve bought all that many extract kits, but it seems to depend on who put the kit together as to how much they’ll tell you about what’s in there. You could ask and see if they’ll tell you, but they may not want to be specific.

I brewed a couple BB kits, they weren’t bad, but I wasn’t overly impressed either.

Guess they don’t want you to copy their kits. Kind of silly. You can get a recipe for any beer on the Internet.

I would just ask. Tell them you might want to experiment with changing some of the ingredients. Act interested and not bothered by it and if they are any kind of decent people they will tell you.

My LHBS doesn’t have many of their own kits but what they do has a list of what is in it and they make it up on the spot.