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LHBS in middle Missouri

The Army has deemed it necessary to move me back to Lovely Ft Leonardwood in the middle of Missouri. I’ve got my brew system unpacked and ready to go, now I just need to track down some ingredients. Being from St. Louis I know there are a few brew shops there. I’m looking for something a little closer.

I feel a little dirty posting this on our Host’s Forum, I just like handling the grain before buying it.

Thanks all


any of the ones listed here (under Kansas/Missouri) near Lenardwood?


There is one just south of Springfield. That’s about 100 miles from ft. “lost in the woods.” They have good grain and yeast prices. Equipment and hops are more competitively priced on line.

Rolla has a home brew club and those guys would be a better resource

Did you buy from MOMalting when you were in StL? I think it’d still be worth the drive to lay in bulk grains. I drive 200miles round-trip and I make a trip count with a few hundred pounds of grain.

Posts like this make me glad our host opted to open a shop just 7 miles from my door! :cheers:

Tom, When I was in STL I wasn’t doing all grain yet. I’ve had a bunch of people tell me I aught to do MOMalting and think I’ll start doing runs there as needed.

I sure do miss having a brewshop within 10min of my house, but I now get to support our Host even more. So I won’t cry to much, that is until I realize I just killed my yeast and need another vile quickly.

You shopped at StL Wine and Beermaking? Or Dave’s Homebrew in Belleville? Yes you have to be prepared when you’re out in the boonies. I keep US05 and S04 for emergencies, and I save yeast cakes so I’m never without yeast of some kind. NB gets plenty of my business too.

Victor, I probably pay less for my malt than you do, even counting the gas (Prius), but not paying myself minimum wage for the time. I have a daughter in StL and there are many microbreweries to be visited, plus we always do a tasting on grain pickup day. So the trip is always an enjoyable event.

MoMalt is the way to go if you need to buy your grains in bulk. $30 will get you a 50lb sack of good 2-row (Rahr or Cargill). He sells quarter sacks of grains like Munich and Vienna too if you don’t need a whole 50-55lb sack.

Todd at The Home Brewery is a good guy. They just moved to their new location and are just outside of Springfield in a nice new store.

A big +1 to this. MoMalt is fantastic.

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