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Letting a stout age

I am somewhat confused about conditioning beer. I have a chocolate milk stout that’s been bottled for three weeks. The taste still needs some time but the carbonation is good. Should I now put it in the fridge to age, or should I leave it room temp(right now around 72)? I don’t have a cellar or any place to keep the beer “cool”. I’ve heard guys say let it age for 5 or 6 months which I have time to do, but what is the best temp? Thanks for any advice.

The best celler temp is 55-58 degrees, but anywhere betweeen 40-64 degrees will work if it is constant.

I have milk stout that has been bottle conditioning for three months at room temperature. It is just getting to the point of great. Keep your beer at room temperature until it is fully conditioned. Every two weeks chill a bottle for three to four days. You will know when it is time to begin enjoying it. Stouts age well. They will not go bad, (lose flavor), like a wheat beer at room temperature.

Assuming good brewing practices,not only do stouts not go bad, but by and large they definitely improve a great deal with some aging.

I made a stout about 4 months ago & kept a portion in my basement in the low 60’s. Every couple weeks i cool a couple to see if they’ve improved. Right now it tastes awesome. Only problem is there’s only 3 bottles left. :cheers:

Do they not age if kept colder? Just made my first stout, 2 weeks primary, 3 weeks 2nd, then kegged. Will it continue to age in keg at serving temps or should I have left the keg warmer for a while?

Depends on what you serving temp is. A stout probably should be served at cellar temp to accentuate all the differnt flavor charactoristics. Then yes…ice cold, no.

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