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Less than 60min boil, ok?

Brewing a Dunkelweizen. Mash is just about done. I got a feeling I’m gonna run out of propane sometime during the boil… it’s low. (And yes, I know, I should have a backup tank. I don’t.) I realize that the boil time will affect the hop utilization, but what if I get say… 30-45 min into the boil and my tank runs out? Would I be ok to chill and pitch? It’s a Dunkelweizen with mostly wheat and vienna malt. There are some specialty grains, but not much and no pils.

P.S. I could run out and swap out the tank if it runs out. Just wondering if a slightly shorter boil would be that big of a deal.

You’ll end up with more wort at a lower OG, lower IBUs, and possibly a higher pH going into the fermenter. If you can exchange the tank quickly, that’s what I would do.

It will be a session beer! Otherwise you could add a little DME/LME to up the gravity.

Hot break usually happens within the first 15 mins, and the hop utilization will be a bit lower, but not much as it is an exponential curve. You should be fine.

I went to 45 minute boils on most of my beers years ago and never noticed any lessening in quality.

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