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Les Bierres Quebecoises

After participating in Ken Leonard’s thread about Belgians the other day I thought I’d chime in a little about Les Bierres du Quebec for those who may be interested.

New Belgium: Starting with Unibrew 20 or 30 years ago the belgian style beer scene is extremely robust in Quebec. For anyone who loves Belgian beer but can’t afford to travel to Europe, vist Quebec. Unibrew was an innovator originally, but are very far from the forefront today.

Try La Chavale Blanc - brew pub in Montreal - Their Blanche is sold in bottles now, but I’d recomend going right to the source.

La Rousse : I’ve never been a huge fan of Reds, but if you go drinking in Quebec you would be mistaken to avoid the Red. A beer almost every brewery in Quebec does very well. A red would always give you the best idea of the calibre of brewer you are dealing with.

La Blonde Never sure if it refers to ale or lager. I actually think it can be either. Not to be confused with belgian style blonde which would be fairly yeast driven. This is clean lager style. I would always go for a blonde over a pisner from any brewery simply because it is likely more fresh.

Love Borreal Blonde on Tap.

So many others to recomend. Great thing about the socialist Quebec society. If you want to open a brewery there, the government will pay for most of it.

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