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Lemon zest in my EPA?

I’m planning on doing an Extra Pale Ale for our family golf tourney this summer…I wondered if adding some lemon zest would work with it. I don’t see why not, but there are a lot of you on here that know more than me about these sorts of things.

I’m using 2oz Cascades at 60
.5oz Amarillo at 10
.5oz Citra at 10
and 1oz Cascade at flameout

when should I add the lemon zest? I’ve read to do it at 5 minutes, or flameout, or even in the secondary. And how much should I use? I don’t want a really strong lemon flavor, just a bit.

Thanks in advance!

I usually use the zest of one lemon in a three gallon batch of my house beer: lemon-rosemary blonde. The zest and the rosemary go in for a 20-30 minute steep after the boil.
The last batch I made I omitted the zest and did FWH and dry hop with sorachi ace, which is how I will probably do it from now on.

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