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Lemon peel - when to add?

I am brewing my 2nd batch of Petite Saison. I like the maltiness of this kit, and the drinkability with the lower gravity, but I feel it is missing some of the citrus character of a saison that I like.

I have a lemon tree in my yard - I was thinking about adding some peel. Anyone have experience with this. What will it be like adding it to the boil vs. secondary vs. in the keg?

You could take the zest (be careful not to get any of the white ‘pith’, it’s nasty bitter) and add it at flameout. Some of the lemon will survive through that heat and the chugging primary but it may not be “fresh” tasting. You could also take zest and add it to a small amount of vodka and make a tincture of sorts. Drop that solution into the secondary and rack the beer on top and it would preserve more of the flavoring. If you “boil” the lemon, very little flavor would survive the heat and scrubbing effects of primary. Good luck.

… add it after the pour?

Yep, also good. I once made a Lemon Wheat where the juice and zest of a lemon were added at flameout and I could detect the flavor but it was scrubbed out. The next time I just made an American Wheat and drank it either plain (which was great) or I squeezed a lemon wedge into it when I tapped it. Then you have 2 beers in one… plain or lemon’d. :lol:

Not a terrible idea…having a lemon tree has opened up trying citrus in plenty of beers.

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