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Lemon meringue


Is it hopped with lemon head hops? That is a beautiful brew! I have to make fun of our local brewery… They absolutely and positively will not pour a brew with any bubbles… It looks like a glass of colored water…


Lemon drop hops. It’s a Potsdam Stangenbier. Got the recipe out of a magazine. It’s kind of a Kolsh. It’s lighter than it looks.

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I use alot of wheat in my beers and credit that for holding the head in a beer. That is where the aroma is and I like it to last through most of time it takes to finish. One of the reasons I hate those shaker pint glasses is they aren’t designed for beer.

Was that BYO IIRC? I applaud you for brewing these different styles. That looks tremendous.

And yes, glassware can make a difference. I have been drinks my Belgian Golden Strong from a tulip glass. It does make a difference. People think I am just pulling their leg until I actually prove it to them.

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This looks amazing! Might need that recipe!

The recipe is from the November issue of BYO. I brewed as is but did change the hops since I had no Tettnanger on hand.

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