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Lemon grass ale

Me going to brew a pale ale today. But going to use lemongrass. Did find some fresh lemon grass. Never did use this. Before. Gonna add this the last 15 min of the boil. Should i use a muslin bag or just toss it all in the boil kettle. It will be about 4 onz

Use a muslin bag, and do cut it into smaller pieces to expose more of the inner cells… Sneezles61

Gonna use. Hops simcoe sorachi citra mandarina. Grain bill pilsner malt. 2 row biscuit malt. Wheat flakes

That’s going to be delicious.

I’d probably smash the lemon grass stalks. That’s what I do when I use them in sauces. Then put them in a paint strainer bag if you have it. Tighter weave than muslin in case the stalks come apart.

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It sure seems to me that the the better way to to exhibit the flavoring you’d like… brew, ferment, then when all quiets down… add what you want for your accent… not before that… and Like Danny says smash it to smithereens!! Got it? …:sunglasses: Sneezles61

Thats what i did smash it. Smell nice. Looking forward. To taste. Did. 15 gallon yesterday. Started kind of late. Done at 11 pm. Nice grav of 1.060.


Yea it’s a great aroma. Let us know how it holds up in the finished beer!

WiÄşl do

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